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Quiz Do You Have Career Compulsive Disorder

Quiz Do You Have Career Compulsive DisorderQuiz Do You Have Career Compulsive Disorder1There is a new term coined by Womens Health magazine used to describe individuals who are overworked, overtired, and always having to be on. That term is called career compulsive disorder. There is no shortage of information regarding the nature of the professional world in the United States, especially in comparison to other countries with flexible work policies around the world. Here is a refresherAccording to the Harvard Business Review, half of all professionals are working 65 hours each week.68 percent of U.S. full-time employees are suffering from work overload. This number continues to increase each year.Half of employees are checking work emailwhen they are out sick or on the weekends.More than 60 percent of professionals believe that work overload is the most detrimental factor to their productivity.Lastly, according to the most recent Better Life Index by the OECD, the U.S. ranks as the 8 th-worst country, compared to 35 other advanced nations, in terms of work-life balance.With these statistics its no wonder that the United States still hasnt figured out a realistic solution to the ever-pervasive issue of work-life balance. Do you have career compulsive disorder?We have selected five questions from the Womens Health quiz on career compulsive disorder to help you determine where you fall. Using a scale of one to four, with one being No way, not me and four being You read my mind, rate yourself on the following questions.I feel guilty if I dont immediately reply to a work-related email.Even when I am on vacation, its difficult to relax, unwind, and unplug. I spend less time with my friends and family and more time working or doing work-related tasks.Multi-tasking is my middle name, and at any given moment I could be IMing, sending an email, talking on the phone, updating my to-do list, or sending a text message. I measure my life in terms of deadlines, always in const ant survival mode and a race against the clock. To complete the Womens Health full test and check your results, visit Today Health and Wellness.Remember, if you do diagnose yourself with career compulsive disorder, there are resources to help, and is one of them. offers a wealth of information, resources, and job search tips, and hosts a huge database of scam-free, legitimate, flexible jobs and companies. These are all designed to help you land a flexible position that will pull you out of the red zone and into a healthy work-life balance. Readers, do you identify with any of the above points? How have you found greater balance after realizing your career compulsive disorder?

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Resume Editor Free Exposed

Resume Editor Free Exposed A resume builder can help you rectify any errors and supply you with a working vision of the resume as you edit. The process of producing a resume is quite easy and straight-forward. The combined format permits the writer to possess the features in the 2 types above. The template is devised by A distinctive and modern resume template with experience timeline in plus-rechnen to education timeline. The Resume Editor Free Cover Up The previous thing which you would like to do is receive a job that you couldnot do. Its automatic-save feature guarantees that you dont lose your work. As an excess bonus, you also receive a work interview tracker that will help you keeping track of passed and upcoming job interviews. You also receive a completely free job interview tracker for a bonus. The edit file will open into your internet browser at which you will observe a page with a simple instruction to click the edit button at the base of that page. It is p ossible to import the simple information from social media such as Google, Facebook or Twitter. Revision History The Google Docs Revision History feature is helpful for job seekers because it enables you to observe any preceding changes which were made to your Google Docs resume. To begin, you have the choice to import your Word or LinkedIn resume. All of these are absolutely beautiful The whole selection of resume templates is composed of a variety of creative resume designs. Also think of if theres anything else you can do to assist your resume stand out. Its simple to use and absolutely yours for free for your private use While free alternatives are available, they dont always supply the very same powerful features and they are sometimes hard to learn how to use. Theres nothing complicated or difficult that you install, and you can begin using LaTeX at this time, even in the veranstaltung youve never seen it before. The site provides an array of premium resume templates a nd designs that youre able to download to MS Word. Your academic background is contingent on the work application youre making. The standard jobs like law prefer using chronological resumes. So far as features are involved, it is a whole lot more versatile. Since you can see, our writers come from a number of backgrounds and specialize in many diverse industries and professions. The majority of us already know that the resume we submit while putting in an application for a work interview is very crucial for a lot of reasons. For this reason, youve got to be direct to find that job. Submit the same resume for every single job. Whenever your profile is completed, you are going to have access to the Resume Contractor. A personalized CV is necessary for a successful job search, and it may affect whether you get invited for an interview. A stunning, minimal and user-friendly template that you could edit in accordance with your abilities and experience. Resume Editor Free - the Story Employers will nonetheless be in a punkt to find you in various ways, including through your on-line profile. Besides, the possible employer should establish which you are ambitious and ready to steer them in the course of success. You have to demonstrate that youve got something which other applicants lack. The applicant ought to commit some high excellent time in to researching online and find few elective templates and then create a selection of which is most appropriate for the aim. Understanding Resume Editor Free As soon as youre finished, you may download your resume as a PDF. The template can be found in PSD format. If it looks different than the example it may be because you dont have the correct font. PDF templates are professional and permit the candidates to easily stick out. The Chronicles of Resume Editor Free My documents look far better. There are hundreds and hundreds of resumes online which could help you cope with yours. Professionally, our resum es are often the very first impression a possible employer gets of us. Way too many resumes are in reality wordy and difficult to check out.

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How to Know Youve Got a Great Recruiter - Spark Hire

How to Know Youve Got a Great Recruiter - Spark HireIt can be hard to know if youve found a great recruiter or a dud. While there are a lot of bad recruiters, dont be fooled into thinking that all the great ones are gone. It is still possible to find an Allstar recruiter and there are 5 key ways for you to know if youve got a really good one. 1. Your recruiter is consultative.Does your recruiter call and ask, Do you have any jobs I can fill for you? If so, then you have a bad one.A great recruiter is going to have more of a consultative approach when contacting you. Great recruiters do not just want a job order to fill. They want to build a relationship with you, understand your needs, company culture, etc. in order to find the best talent that you need.2. You receive more than just a resume.If you are working with a recruiter who only forwards resumes with no further information, then its time for you to move on.A really good recruiter is going to provide you with not only a candida te resume but also with her own personal thoughts and notes based on her interviews with the candidate.The goal in the relationship between you and your recruiter is to form a partnership focused on finding the right talent for your business. This can only be done with complete transparency between you and your recruiter. Great recruiters know this and will point out strong points of each candidate as well as any potential candidate red flags.3. Your recruiter follows up.When your recruiter sends you a candidate submission, you want her to also follow up with you to discuss the candidate. Likewise, after you have interviewed a candidate, you want a recruiter who will follow up with you afterwards in order to receive feedback and help push the process along.Great recruiters always follow up.4. Your recruiter follows through.Did your recruiter say she would send you three to four candidates for you to review by a certain date? Yes, things happen and sometimes a recruiter may overestim ate the candidate market for a certain job. However, that is no excuse for not notifying you ahead of the deadline.A great recruiter will be in constant communication with you, keeping you up to date on how the candidate search is going and informing you of any roadblocks or stucks she may be running into.Once again, a great recruiter is going to be very consultative and will want to work with you in order to help you find the right talent.5. Your candidates are well informed and prepared.When you are meeting with candidates who have thoroughly researched your company, understand exactly what you are looking for, and have a good knowledge of your companys culture and expectations youve got a great recruiter.A great recruiter is going to be thorough with each candidate submitted to you. She will make sure that the candidate understands all of the requirements and is completely prepared for your interview.What are some other ways you know you have a great recruiter?

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How to treat your financial profile like your Tinder profile

How to treat your financial profile like your Tinder profileHow to treat your financial profile like your Tinder profileHave you ever worried about what a potential romantic partner might think about your financial standing? Have financial issues ever caused issues between you and your romantic partner? If you answered yes to either of those questions, youre not alone In fact, money is a leading cause of relationship strife, often being cited as a reason fordivorce. Plus, according to findings byFinder.com, 72% of Americans said they would reconsider a romantic relationship because of the other rolles debt.However, according to Experians recent consumer survey, only 31% of people believe that their financial profile will show them in a good light. Furthermore, 51% of people dont think they know enough about their own financial profile. In contrast, more than half of Experians respondents feel as though their social media and online dating profiles show them in a positive light. This is in large part due to how highly curated online profiles are.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreWhy does your financial profile matter?I mentioned that a large majority of people would have second thoughts about entering into a relationship with someone who has debt. I dont necessarily agree with that sentiment, but its something to consider if youre looking for a longterm relationship. However, there are other reasons why this should be important to you that go beyond romantic love.leistungspunkt worthinessYour financial history will determine whether or not a lender wants to front money to you. This applies to leistungspunkt card companies, mortgage lenders, personal and student loan providers, car companies, and more. If your credit history looks badeanstalt, these lenders can decide not to give you a loan at all, which can limit what youre able to do with your future.Interes t ratesIf you do get approved for a loan, the interest rates on that loan will vary depending on your credit history and credit score. Depending on the size of the loan, this could cost or save you thousands of dollars. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate.Origination feesSometimes, if you take out a loan, youre not just paying for the loan itself and interest. There is often an origination fee added on top of it. Your credit score and credit history can determine the rate of that fee, which can save or cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.EmployabilityI dont agree with this, but some employers pull your credit history when considering you as an employee. If you have a negative history, this might cause you to be denied for a job. I used to work with someone who got turned away when he welches going from being a contractor to a full-time employee because of an old credit card bill he never paid.Getting an apartmentMore and more landlords and property managers are checking credit before they allow you to move into a new place. Having a good credit score and a positive credit history, to lenders and people like landlords, means youre more trustworthy. So if you have negative marks on your credit report, they may turn you away.How Can You Curate It More Like Your Online Profiles?Make it a priorityRecognize that your financial standing matters for your own stability and security. Its not about what you should or shouldnt do, its about protecting yourself in the long term. Its not something that you can continue to ignore, because it will affect you down the line. It will determine what youre able to do and the opportunities that you have. So put it at the top of your priority listPay attention to itYou need to pay attention to your financial profile in order to be able to fix it at all. You cant fix what you dont know is broken Your first step should be to pull all of your financial information into one place. That might mean openin g aMintaccount, or it might mean just making a spreadsheet. Having all of that information in front of you will help you to understand exactly where youre departureing from. It will help you understand what changes, if any, need to be made.Next, you should be checking your credit score monthly. There are so many free options out there now, likeCredit KarmaorCredit Sesame. Chances are, you bank or credit card company also offer your credit score for free. Your credit score indicates whether or not you are trustworthy to lenders. If youre planning on applying for a loan in the near future, youll want to know what yourcredit scoreis so that you can get to work to improve it, if necessary. And no, checking your credit score doesnt hurt itFinally, check yourcredit reportthree times a year All three credit bureaus are legally required to provide you with one free credit report each year. That means that you can get three credit reports each year (one from each bureau). I like to space the m out and pull one every four months from a different bureau. Go toannualcreditreport.comto get your free credit report. This is important because your credit report is your actual financial history. Its what influences your credit score. All of the good and bad financial behavior in the past seven years will be listed on it. However, sometimes there are mistakes. Sometimes a bill that you actually paid will be erroneously sent to collections. Even more dire, sometimes someone will use your name to open fraudulent credit accounts. You wouldnt necessarily know these things if you werent pulling your credit report regularly, which means that they could hurt you without you knowing.Take actionThe most important thing to do is to do something. If you realize that your credit score is lower than youd like it to be, or you have more debt than you thought, its time to start doing something about it. It can feel overwhelming, so you should start with incremental goals. Put a debt repayment into place, contact the credit bureau about a mistake on your credit report, orhire a financial coach. You have more control than you might think, and you can start improving your financial situation today.This article originally appeared on Maggie Germano.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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7 Legitimate Reasons You Might Not Get the Job

7 Legitimate Reasons You Might Not Get the Job7 Legitimate Reasons You Might Not Get the JobThere are lots of reasons why people dont get hired. So often it is that case that you are certain you deserve an interview, or youhave an interview and conclude it thinking that youve bagged the job, when the opposite is true. Employers only rarely will explain why they reject candidates, which only adds to your frustration. Left to conjecture, a common response is to assume the worst in others and blame them for our own situation. Dejected candidates oftensay something like, I cant get a job today because Im Fill in the blank White/Not-White, too old, been out of work too long, disabled, gay, transgender or too-whatever-else. If youve been looking for your next position without success, you might actually be a real victim of demographics, bigotry or circumstance. Note to hiring authorities If bias has influenced your decision-making, aside from the legal aspects, you are sabotaging your own company. You are depriving it of people who are highly motivated and quite capable of bringing excellence, value and loyalty to their employer. In short, youre acting in a self-limiting way by favoring your own prejudices over your own bottom line. Get over it, and diversify your workforce.Note to rejected job seekers Despite your suspicions, it might leid be about discrimination. It also might be the case that you just arent presenting yourself as effectively as you might. No matter what, you arent absolved of your responsibility to reflect on how you present yourself and always work for self-improvement. Employers are entirely justified in rejecting you when1. It doesnt seem like you care about the particular opportunity or company. People who reviewrsums for a living areaccustomed to being blasted by certain companies who build and blast genericsrsums, and charge job huntershandsomely for this service. They swap stories among themselves of the cover letters they received tha t have some other company as the intended recipient. They would far rather engage with a candidate who shows why this particular job is a great fit for both sides.2. You demonstrate sloppiness. It can take many forms, from a poor or inconsistentrsumformat, to a rumpled appearanceat an interview. It can be arsumthat isnt spell-checked, or one that still has errors present even when it has been spell-checked. It can be asloppy description of what youve done, how youve done it or what youve achieved. Employers would far prefer to engage with candidates who look and sound their best. You dont have to look like a movie star, but you should look and sound professional.3. You dont connect the dots. Employers arent interested in your entire biography. Its not their responsibility to look at yourrsumand to try to match it to a particular job opening. They can easily pass you over when you dont somehow relateyour experience, skills and successes to their needs. Never make an employer wonder The candidate says she did X. Does that mean she can do Y?4. You talk about your responsibilities rather than your successes. Whether in a cover letter,rsum or interview, stress the changes that resulted from your actions rather than simply relating what you were expected to accomplish as part of a job.5. You demonstrate that you are more concerned about what the employer can do for you rather than the value you offer. Everyone knows that you want the job and want to be well paid for doing it. But delay your questions about salary, benefits and any other special consideration you want until youve first demonstrated your ability and desire to excel at the job. Its ALL about that until the employer figures out that you are the absolute best candidate, and only then doesthe momentum shift in the other direction.6. Your nerves get the better of you. There is no getting around the fact that there is a lot riding on every job interview, whether on phone, video or in-person. But when you b ring into that situation all your anxieties, your performance is affected. When your answers ramble on without coming to a clear point, or when you fidget or show other signs of excessive nervousness, you harm your own cause. If youre the kind of person who gets rattled when youre in the hot seat, get a coach to help you through the process with lots of practice interviews.7. You do poor or no research. You can bet that your interviewer is well prepared for the conversation, and you need to be as well. Interviews are not a time for unstructured conversation. When you believe you can talk your way through anything without preparation, you sow the seeds of your own destruction. Think of every interview as being about your demonstrating that you know what youre getting into and how youwill handle it. Take time to devour information from the companys website, LinkedIn and Facebook company pages. Look at your interviewers LinkedIn profile and scan those of others who work at the company . Go about the process of discerning what you have in common with them. When you ask something that you can find out easily elsewhere you may as well say, give me that rejection letter now. But when you ask a question based on the information you already have to learn more about a given situation, initiative, etc., you can show that youre well prepared and focused on this job at this company. Of course, there are many other mistakes job seekers might make. But the point is this when you scapegoat others or your circumstances for your lack of success so far, you do nothing to bolster your chances for success in the future. When you take the time to carefully and cogently present yourself with poise, success can and likely will follow. Happy huntingArnie Fertig, MPA, is passionate about helping hisJobhuntercoachclients advance their careers by transforming frantic Ill apply to anything searches into focused hunts for great fit opportunities. He brings to each client the extensive knowledge he gained when working in HR staffing and managing his boutique recruiting firm.

Job Hunting Tips to Win the Wow Factor

Job Hunting Tips to Win the Wow Factor Job Hunting Tips to Win the Wow Factor You’re on the search for a new job in accounting and finance, and you really want to succeed. How can you find the job hunting tips that will help you stand out from the pack and advance your career? “Employers are looking for job candidates who provide the ‘wow’ factor and can immediately demonstrate the value they bring,” said Bill Driscoll, district president for Accountemps. “Sending a generic resume or showing up for the interview unprepared makes the hiring manager think the applicant has little interest in being hired.” A new Accountemps survey shows job seekers the specific mistakes that CFOs find in candidates' resumes, cover letters and interviews. Read more about the Top Job Search Blunders in the infographic, below. What can you to do impress potential employers in your search for a job to advance your career? Let’s look at what you can do with your application materials and your interview with these job hunting tips. Your application materials Tip 1. Have a clean online presence - Conduct a search of your name in all the major search engines 'and conduct an online audit of your social media page. Double-check your privacy settings, remove any posts that could be considered inappropriate, and put in some work to update your profile. Now begin your search! Tip 2. Customize your resume and cover letter - Get an edge over the other job seekers by creating a custom resume and cover letter for each position and employer. Hiring managers want to know you’re not just generating emails from a resume and cover-letter mill. Tip 3. Address a real person - Don't ever write these words: To Whom It May Concern. Tip 4. Make sure your copy is clean - Here’s a test for you. See if you can spot the typos in these real-life job applications: Job Duties: Assisted company executives with travel arraignments. Communicate financial projects to steakholders. Education: Currently perusing a master’s degree. Tip 5. Read your materials out loud - After you look at your resume and cover letter with an eagle eye, use spell-check, then print and read everything out loud. Have a trusted friend, mentor or family member proofread for mistakes or formatting issues. Error-free copy shows your attention to detail, which is likely something you’ll need on the job once the search is over! Tip 6. Focus on your accomplishments - Stick to the facts, recruiters advise, when it comes to your application materials. Emphasize your professional achievements, career credentials and work experience. Avoid superlatives, misrepresentations, over-personalizing, vagueness, irrelevance, slang and clever word play. Don’t drone on about your hobbies and outside interests. Find out more: What Your Accounting Resume Should Look Like This Year and Do You Still Need an Accountant Cover Letter? SEND US YOUR RESUME From resume to interview If you pass the resume and cover-letter phase of your search, you’ll make it to the interview. Here’s are five ways to interview to impress: Tip 1. Research the company - Do a search of the company and learn as much as you can beforehand. Do a Google search, see if any of your LinkedIn connections work there and examine the firm’s website. Do some digging to find out the history of the business and companies it competes with, and search for news stories that have been written about the organization or its top executives. Think about how you might answer the question: What do you know about our company, and why do you want to work here? Tip 2. Prepare to discuss your skills, experience and career goals - You may need to practice highlighting your qualifications and background. What’s most pertinent to a career in accounting and finance? What fits the job description? Keep in mind that employers will want to see how your expertise and efforts can contribute to company or departmental priorities. Don’t brag or be wishy-washy. Try scripting your answer to this question (remembering to be employer-centered): What are your long-term goals, and how does this job fit in with your career plan? Tip 3. Be ready for a salary discussion - Research typical salary ranges in your specific area of expertise and with your level of experience. Understanding market trends will help you know what your skills and experience are worth. Visit the Salary Center, where you'll be able to adjust pay levels for jobs in your city with the Salary Calculator, and get your own copy of the Salary Guide. Tip 4. Be punctual - Late arrivals are a sure-fire way to show a lack of care for the interviewer’s time, and while being late may seem like an obvious no-no, CFOs in the Accountemps survey said it’s one of the most common mistakes they see candidates make. It’s better to be too early than even a minute late. Try to arrive five or 10 minutes ahead of your appointment, and if you get to the office earlier than that, you can always take a walk, wait in the car or visit a local coffee shop. Tip 5. Show enthusiasm and ask questions - If you think you want this job, you should show genuine interest. One way to do that - and also to find out if this is the right situation for you - is to ask questions of the interviewer when it’s appropriate. Consider asking: What is the opportunity for advancement from this role? What do you most enjoy about working here? Can you tell me what an average day would be like? Finally, know this: You don’t have go about your job search alone. You can partner with a staffing firm, which will provide you with information and resources, and work to open doors for you.  

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Are you the reason youre not finding jobs

Are you the reason you're not finding jobs Are you the reason you're not finding jobs 3 ways you’re sabotaging your own job search. You’ve got your resume together, your cover letter polished, references locked and loaded. You’ve been scouring the job boards for hours, days, weeks, maybe even months â€" and still haven’t found the right fit. If this is your reality, perhaps it’s time to consider it might be you. Here are three common mistakes that could be the reason the perfect job has yet to come your way.1. You’re targeting the wrong jobs.Keep missing the mark? Maybe you’re aiming at the wrong targets. Obvious as it may seem, you’ll never land a job if you’re looking for jobs that are wrong for you. Think hard about what type of positions you’re looking for and narrow your search parameters accordingly. When looking at a job, ask yourself if the description fits your experience and skill set. Do you feel capable of performing all the listed tasks? Do you truly have the experience requested in the requirements? If the answer is no, you’re likely wasting time and energy. Nine times out of ten , poor searches yield poor results.Only apply for positions you are qualified for, and try not to be too hard-set on a specific company or position. You may want a big job to write home about with a big Fortune 500 company like Apple or Berkshire Hathaway, but realistically, there’s not enough room to accommodate the entire workforce. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, try spreading your net wider. Who knows, your dream job could be in a role or with a company you haven’t heard of yet!2. Your resume isn’t aligned with your professional goals.You’ve led six-figure marketing campaigns and built homes for needy families out of the kindness of your heart. You should be proud, but how does that pertain to your experience as a graphic designer? A resume focused on your goal profession is the critical resource to get your foot in the door for that coveted interview.Your resume should highlight relevant strengths and demonstrate that you have the professional skills and background required to excel in a given position. Did you play a part in making the graphics used in that six-figure marketing campaign? Did you design a room in the home you built for needy families? This is what you should be focusing on. Use strong, concise language to make your resume stand out in the over-saturated crowd. Also, make sure your resume is devoid of any outdated or superfluous information.3. You’re not using your network to its full potential As the old parable goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know. And this is truer in networking than ever before. According to Forbes, networking is still the best way to find a job in today’s career market. That doesn’t mean to hit up your extended family and entire high school class begging for work, but it’s never a bad idea to phone a friend and ask for help.Never undermine the effectiveness of network. If you have a friend or family member with connections to your desired industry, use them as a resource. Le an on past colleagues for leads to companies of interest. If possible, talk to someone in a similar role and ask about their story (a proud employee will be happy to share). If it worked for them, it could work for you.Last year was America’s best year of job growth since 1999. Great news if your New Year’s resolution is to find a career you love! Now is the time to be proactive. Remember, your job search should be your full-time job. Be open. Be receptive. You never know where you’ll find your dream job!